October 9th, 2010

Office Space

My current employer is growing fast yet is limited in office space. The official policy went from ‘hire many people to populate our offices’ to ‘if you hire someone please densify your offices’. One year ago offices where getting their second occupant but we are now many three occupants per office. The temporary building with temporary offices were designed to have two people per office. Getting three people to fit nicely in a comfortable and productive setting isn’t so easy.

A few people created paper models of the different furniture options and room constraint to get an idea of what was possible. I though of throwing together a quick SVG/JS application that would allow people to move furniture around would be useful. It took a bit longer than I expected but I’m happy with the result: Furnissure

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One Response to “Office Space”

  1. Rini Says:

    Cyrille, this is pretty cool – reminds me of tangrams