January 11th, 2010

Secure Copy (SCP)

I sometimes need to copy files to servers that only allow ftp – an unsecure file transfer method. An easy, secure and fast alternative is SCP if you can remember how to use it.

SCP in Die Hard 4.0
Plus it’s used in Die Hard 4.0 so it must be good.


copy from a remote machine to my machine:

scp jim@fm.net:/home/jim/file.txt /home/me/file.txt

copy from my machine to a remote machine:

scp /home/me/file.txt jim@fm.net:/home/jim/file.txt

copy all file*.txt from a remote machine to my machine (file01.txt, file02.txt, etc.; note the quotation marks:

scp "jim@fm.net:/home/jim/file*.txt" /home/me/file.txt

copy a directory from a remote machine to my machine:

scp -r jim@fm.net:/home/jim/files /home/me/. 

Source of the instructions vancenase@forums.macosxhints.com

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One Response to “Secure Copy (SCP)”

  1. Cyrille Says:

    You’ll want to use rsync unless you’re unable to do so and must use scp.