March 17th, 2010

The DOTifier

While browsing logo design websites a few months back I noticed that multi coloured dot patterns are becoming popular. These aren’t polka dots or messy patterns of dots. These are clean well thought out designs. I thought designing a dot drawing application would be an interesting design project using javaScript and SVG. This would be practical to test out different dotted designs. While the program could use a little more refining such as placing dots a little more intelligently rather than the brute force/test approach, it works perfectly as it is and has a good number of options available.

I created two modes: Fill mode which randomly dotify’s the areas created, and Pen mode which allows you to draw on the canvas using a ‘dot’ pen of a desired thickness and lead in/out. You can get all sorts of fun effects by combining these. Go ahead and try it yourself. It works in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome – slight problems with Opera. Internet Explorer has no chance.

dotified flower dotified hot-air balloon dotified tree

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2 Responses to “The DOTifier”

  1. Rini Says:


    You know, I love this. Don’t tell Julia!

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