March 17th, 2010

Olympics Distribution Redux

I had mentioned my desire to revamp the map I made in 2003 regarding Olympics bidding and hosting world distribution. I found my old files and updated the data using They have more precise information than

I expected it to be easy to greatly improve the design but found it actually rather difficult. The map does not have a large amount of information – especially in Africa which is in the centre of the map. It looks quite bare. The original had too much contrast so I darkened the oceans and countries who have never bid for an Olympic. I debated between lightening up the whole map but chose to stick with the pastel colour scheme. Using a colour matrix requires the difference between colours to be clearly visible. Besides thickening some lines and nudging elements around I also updated the map to contain the bidding and hosting information from 2008-2016. I did’nt feel there was too much I could do. Here is the updated Olympics Distribution Map.

(Very large size is available as well)

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