January 13th, 2010

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview

There’s an interesting 2007 interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together on Youtube. It was posted by the user kenzoki as 11 parts. What I found interesting, besides the interview, is the fluctuation and general decline in views throughout the 11 parts. I was surprised by the decline – sad even that people couldn’t appreciate something that I thought was good enough to watch all the way through.

This could be explained perhaps as supply and demand. In order to maintain a consistent viewership there must be a greater supply of the quality of the video than public demand. In other words the video must be good enough that everyone watches it all the way through. Now that I rationalize it this way it makes sense that there is a decline in viewership across the parts. I guess I’m part of those that demand this kind of video.

Views across 11 interview parts

It is rather odd how rather than a consistent exponential decline there are fluctuations. This means people have watched a middle part of the interview. I guess people found the topic in those sections of particular interest and emailed it around to friends/co-workers.

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