December 12th, 2012

Pock Pock chicken madness

A strategy and dexterity game for simple minds

Gaëlle has been a big fan of the Peppa pig series over the last year since she received one of the DVDs as gift. One of the earlier episodes has Peppa and George playing a chicken computer game while sitting on their father’s knees. It’s a simple but exponentially chaotic game. I thought I could create something similar. I give you Pock Pock. It’s a simple and somewhat crude game but I’m quite happy with having created a game that has mouse and keyboard interaction, (some) sound effects and networking. Give Pock Pock a whirl. Gaëlle does not ever use the computer and as a result does not quite have the mouse-screen coordination to play the game yet.

Get your chickens to eat the grass and seeds as fast as possible

Action shot of Pock Pock


One Response to “Pock Pock chicken madness”

  1. Rini Says:

    chicken scratch fever