Furnish your office or room in 5 easy steps:

  1. Enter room dimensions
  2. Select wall with door
  3. Enter door size and placement
  4. Create furniture objects
  5. Furnish your office/room
Start furnishing

What is the dimension of the room you wish to furnish:



On which wall is located the door to the room you wish to furnish?

Click on the wall where the door is located.

How far is the edge of the door from the corner (red point) below?

Door distance:

Door width:

Door hinge:
Close to red point
Far side of red point

Create the furniture you wish to place in the room. Only one of each type of furnishing is required.

Furniture piece label:




Furniture created:

Drag furniture from the storage room into the room.

Load a past session of Furnissure.

Input your Furnissure output file below: