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March 4th, 2013

Unripe raspberries dreaming of being Pis

I purchased a pair of Raspberry Pis (Model B) from ModMyPi to use for my data gathering. My doctoral work requires data from bike-share systems such as Velib’ in Paris. I will be scraping many sites repeatedly for the next couple of years. I wanted a distributed system that could resist theft/fire, hard-drive failure and internet service interruptions while still being affordable. Going with my current host would not have been possible due to my long term capacity requirements of about 40GB and the costs associated with those requirements. I considered using Amazon’s Web Service but don’t want to lose control of my data and I’m not sure the cost is worthwhile compared to using a couple Raspberry Pis (RPi). I wanted to share my process because most existing tutorials ask you to connect your RPi to a monitor/TV for setup. That’s no longer required since SSH is enabled by default. I also desired documenting my steps so that I can exactly replicated my setup for my second RPi.