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March 20th, 2011

Although I tend to constantly dabble in web design I rarely construct a fully functional website for consumers/public. I’ve designed/developed plenty of simple pages to present SVG and web applications but they don’t have high levels of interaction in terms of data input/output. One of the earliest occasions I created a fully functional site was for back in 2001. It was a successful site for UVic intramural ultimate as it became the place to go to to check for schedules and update your ultimate team profile. The domain has since been taken over for the ultimate team.

The GRUL website for the Greater Region Ultimate League (the area surrounding and including Luxembourg) is once again ultimate frisbee related. It was developed in an effort to encourage the growth of ultimate in the region which has few large cities that can support a league on its own. The challenge was to design a super simple website that people can use to interact with other teams and standings that encourage friendly competition. I was also trying to minimize site usage time so that people can get back out to the fields. I used a Lightbox variant that allows me to overlay iframes for all the form contents. All the site’s content, except for the FAQ page, is on one page. I’m still not 100% convinced with the styling. I will update it if the site is effective.

Greater Region Ultimate League

February 17th, 2011

Disc Words

When I was playing ultimate frisbee back at UVic in the intramural league, the reoccurring challenge was to find a great team name that contained the word ‘disc’ within it. I don’t remember many. The discombobulators and discord are the only two I remember. The best names were not necessarily those with the word ‘disc’ included but they were admired nevertheless. Some great team names I have come across over the years are: Uvictim (for the the UVic team) and Hoof Hearted (get it?). I stumbled across a list of 10,000 English words a few months back and thought this would be a chance to see all the words that have the substring ‘disc’ within.